Marlin Adams complaint

Marlin Adams, aka "Pepper" complaint from Victoria County Sheriff's Office

Warrior Energy Services Corp. complaint

A PDF copy of the complaint against Warrior Energy Services Corp.


Proposed reservoir site

Goliad EMS directors' resignation

First page: Letter to Goliad County Attorney from Goliad County EMS directors Claire Zengerie and Mark Heard announcing they are stepping down effective May 1. Second page: an Unannounced Inspection Notification from EMS Compliance-South Group to Goliad County EMS.

Fidel Salazar Jr indictment

Fidel Salazar Jr indictment documents

Christopher Pappillion indictment

Christopher Pappillion indictment documents

Michael Cole Johnson indictment

Michael Cole Johnson second indictment document

Federal gun shop complaint

A copy of the federal complaint for Garrett Ridesel, the owner of Double D Gun Shop, also known as Garrett's Gun Vault, filed in federal court.

McMahan bond reduction

A judge's order reducing Timothy McMahan's bond from $1 million to $10,000.

Letter to the Local Fisheries Community

An open letter to the local fisheries community

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