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Crain Middle School students encouraged to believe in themselves, do well on TAKS test


April 7, 2010 at midnight
Updated April 10, 2010 at 11:11 p.m.

Gary Moses, a retired Victoria teacher and well-known community speaker, encouraged eighth-grade students at Crain Middle School to do their best on the TAKS test.

To motivate Crain Middle School eighth-graders to do well on the TAKS test, Gary Moses gave them a pep talk.

"When you give your best, you're honoring everybody," the retired teacher said in the school gym. "If you give your best, you win."

This month, eighth-graders across the state will take the state's assessment test in the areas of math, reading, science and social studies.

Passing the reading and math portions of the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills are required to advance onto ninth grade, according to the Texas Education Agency.

Taking the TAKS can be hard and exhausting, but you can get through it by believing in yourself, Moses told them.

"These four days, I know it's long," Moses told them. "You've worked hard. Your teachers have worked hard. They love you. Give your best; try your hardest, and I know you will because you care about yourself."

Moses encouraged them to not only do their best on the TAKS, but in everything else they do.

"Don't just do your best those four days, but everyday of your life, do your best," he said. "Whatever you do, in your job, in school, whatever it is, give it your very best."

James Taylor, assistant principal at Crain, also spoke to the eighth-graders, telling them to take their time to complete it.

"If you need a moment, take that personal break," Taylor told them. "Don't allow yourself to be frustrated. Concentrate on what it's asking you to do, and then attempt the question again."

Nitzia Martinez, an eighth-grader, listened intently to Moses and Taylor.

She said she feels prepared for the test.

"I think it's true that we should try our hardest and just concentrate and take our time and don't rush through it," Nitzia said.

Though eighth-grader Zyron Peoples said he is nervous about the math and history portions of the TAKS, he's chosen to remain confident in himself, and in his school.

"We're going to get the highest scores in the city," the 14-year-old said. "I know it."



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