• On Monday (04/19/10) my neighbor's house was broken into aorund 8:30am. ( Our dogs did not bark as they were in the house) and there is always a great deal of human traffic next door as everyone works or goes to college. When the "owner's college daughter came home around 10am she noticed that the front door was open slightly and called her mother. Mother came home and called police. The "crook" had entered through the bathroom window on side of house out of view of the front street. Stolen was a laptop and many "games" belonging to the young college person. This neighbor has an alarm system and I asked her why they didnt have it on. She informed me that since everyone is "in and out" they dont usually set it. (Due to the "breakin" we had in Feb our alarm system stays on (24/7) even when I am in the house. I dont even go out to work in the garden without it being on. ) The "crook" turned out to be a 16 yrs old niece of the house owner and does not attend school. Of course the police asked the neighbor if she wanted to press charges and charges were filed. Now that's is the way to maybe teach this girl a small lesson but what will they do to her? Slap on the hand and "dont do this again"..This is just the begin of getting caught this time. Im sure its not the first time. Maybe a neighborhood watch would help a little. Seems like we must inform our neighbor of ever move we make these days. I dont have a problem with that.

    April 23, 2010 at 4:12 a.m.