How do you save money during triple digit weather?

Ranging Reporter J.R. Ortega was at Ramsey's Restaurant beating the heat with other Crossroads residents. There are many ways to reduce or keep an energy bill at a reasonable rate. Here is how some locals beat the heat and save money.

A: "I just keep it (the A.C.) going. I have to sacrifice something somewhere else just to keep it on."

Lawrence Sutton, Victoria, retired

A: "We cut our air conditioning back. We use ceiling fans more."

Charlotte Garrett, Victoria, retired

A: "Just keeping my thermostat at about 80. I keep the fans going."

Amador Luna, Victoria, retired

A: "The ceiling fans are on in every room. It keeps the bill at a reasonable rate. My electric bill is actually less than my water."

Jim Pooley, Victoria, consultant for oil company