• VICAD Edior:
    Whomever writes these military news article as this should know what they portend to write about.
    One: Marine recruits do not go to 'basic training'.
    Marine recruits go to US Marine Corps Boot Camp.
    Either at San Diego CA or Parris Island SC.
    Only upon successful graduation from either of the two above stated USMC Boot Camps, a recruit is bestowed the title: Marine.
    Sailors/US Navy, Airmen/US Air Force and Soldiers/US Army go to their respective Basic Training Camps after enlistment and before advancing to their selected Military Occupation Specialty School, MOS.
    Two: Marines are always referred to as Marines, never as soldiers.
    Three: Marines that have been Honorably Discharged are referred
    to as former Marines, whether living or dead after their Honorable Service.
    Four: Marines that have been discharged with anything less than
    Honorable conditions, other than for legal medical disabilities are
    Ex Marines.
    In other words, they have proven themselves unworthy of the title of United States Marine, then and only then, are they Ex Marines.
    In this article the headline is completely incorrect and misleading.
    It goes on to state "Marine Pfc. Britt D. Hindman of Gonzales, recently graduated from the Marine Corps Basic Combat Engineering Course at Marine Corps Engineer School MCB Camp Lejeune NC" which clearly (read my lips VICAD Editor), is a Military Occupational Specialty MOS
    MOS school is not 'basic training', as you suggest.
    Be advised, you can be ignorant or you could be arrogant.
    Just don't be both.
    Lastly hell yes, I am a former Marine and damn proud of it!
    End of story.

    August 16, 2010 at 6:43 p.m.