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Fall fashions bring bright and bold looks


Aug. 19, 2010 at 3:19 a.m.

Margot Reichert, left, Jessica Borella, center, and Lilly Rodolfo, of the Palm Tree Boutique, model the latest fashion trends consumers can expect to see in stores for the fall. Among the hot trends are tunics, leggings, strappy sandals, long necklaces and chunky jewelry, store owner Molly Ruschhaupt said.

It's that time of year again. With September nearing, change is in the air and the excitement is almost palpable. For many, it means a fresh start and a way to forget the mistakes of the past.

Yes, the new fall fashions will be coming soon to a store near you.

Like many boutique owners this week, Molly Ruschhaupt, owner of the Palm Tree Boutique, is attending the 2010 Las Vegas Market, where buyers, designers and industry professionals from around the world meet every year to debut the latest industry trends. This year, it's all about bold and bright, she said.

"There are a lot of jewel tones coming out, like golds, bronzes, reds, greens and plums. There's also lots of studs. Everything is studded," she said. "People can also expect to see lots of chunky jewelry and long necklaces and chains, as well as tall, strappy sandals."

Ruschhaupt added that another trend we've been seeing the past couple of years will be sticking around for quite awhile.

"Leggings. Leggings are still huge and they're going to be bigger than ever. We're seeing them being worn with tunics and knee high boots. With everything," she said.

Over at the Carriage House, long sweaters and tunics are big, as well as leggings and in particular denim leggings, employees said. Hot colors include all shades of orange, as well as navy and dark green.

For the kiddies, one of the biggest trends is a throwback to the 1960's, with many girls in elementary and junior high wearing bright multicolor outfits and symbols of peace, Maditay's employee Darlene Willborn said.

"It's all about the peace signs, tie-dye and multicolor. Anything big and bright," she said. "For the older high school kids and people in their 20's, we're seeing lots of chain necklaces, which haven't been around for awhile."

Willborn added that subtle looks are out and bold looks are in.

"There's a lot of mixing and matching and people are creating their own styles. Those who are 30 and above are dressing hip but branching out in their own looks," she said. "Outfits are thrown together with pieces you wouldn't think go together but somehow it works."



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