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VPD Wants Your Feedback

By Gheni_Platenburg
Dec. 10, 2010 at 6:10 a.m.

Interested in taking the survey? The survey can be accessed via the following ways:

Victoria Police Department's Facebook page

For persons without Internet access, a paper survey can be mailed out upon request.


1. Here's where we begin....

Dear Victoria Police Department Customer,

Please help the Victoria Police Department serve you better. In keeping with the vision of the Victoria Police Department, "We want Victoria to be a safe community to live, work in, and visit," we request your assistance in evaluating how well we are doing.

We need your opinions on general public safety in Victoria and community perceptions of the police department. We would also like to get your input about what you like best about the Victoria police and your suggestions for improvement, plus any additional comments or ideas you would like to share with us. Your specific answers will be kept as absolutely confidential as the law will allow us.

Thank you for taking the time and helping us become a better department.

Chief Bruce Ure

General Neighborhood QuestionsPlease let us know about your neighborhood.

1. I believe that my neighborhood is safe.

I agree.

Neutral on this.

I disagree.

Neighborhood: _____________________


2. I often see the Victoria Police throughout the day.

I agree.

Neutral on this.

I disagree.

3. I believe that it is likely that my home or my neighbor's home will be broken into when we are not there.

I agree.

Neutral on this.

I disagree.

4. My residence is equipped with a burglary alarm system.



5. I believe that illegal drugs can be easily bought/obtained in my neighborhood.

I agree.

Neutral on this.

I disagree.

Neighborhood Problems1. In your opinion, what is the MOST serious crime problem or other police-related problem in your neighborhood?



Code violations (high weeds,dangerous buildings)

Disturbances (fights)

Dogs at large (loose dogs)

Domestic violence



Homeless issues


Lack of police response





Traffic (speeding, running stop signs, etc.)



Other (please specify)

How the Victoria Police Department Handles Situations.1. Please let us know if you have had contact with the Victoria Police Department, What was the nature of the contact?

I called the police to report something.

I was a victim of a crime.

I was a witness to a crime, incident, or accident.

I was stopped in my car by a police officer.

I was involved in a motor vehicle accident.

I requested information from the Victoria Police Department.

Other (please specify)________________

2. If you have had contact with VPD, what VPD employee did you have contact with or most recently?

Administrative Staff/Secretary

Administrative Police Officer

Crime Prevention Officer

Patrol Officer


Police Dispatcher

Records Division Employee

Police Telephone Response Unit Personnel

Other (please specify): ___________

3. If you have had contact with an employee of the Victoria Police Department, please rate their performance in each category:

Excellent, Good, Average, Not so good, Poor, No Opinion





Comments: ______________________

4. If you have had contact with an employee of the Victoria Police Department, were you pleased with the customer service you received?



No opinion

Please elaborate: _________________

This is an important question to us, please let us know your opinion.

5. If you have had contact with members of the Victoria Police Department, do you agree that they responded in a fair and impartial manner when dealing with different racial, religious, and ethnic issues?



No opinion.

Comments: ______________________

The Victoria Police Department is soliciting public feedback on its performance through a new online customer survey.

The survey, which is the first electronic survey VPD has issued, went live on Tuesday afternoon.

"In order to be successful, you need to know how you're doing and what your customers' perception is of you," said Victoria Police Chief Bruce Ure. "That's our primary goal."

As of Wednesday morning, the department had received around 80 responses.

The police department hopes to get enough responses to represent a "fair sampling" of the community, Ure said.

"We're asking everyone to take a minute of their time to help us help them," said Ure. "Let us know how we're doing."

The survey, which will be open for about three weeks, asks residents everything from whether they have a burglar alarm system in their home and how many times they see police in their neighborhood to what they believe is the most serious crime in their community and how they would rate the department's performance.

"In theory, if a customer doesn't feel safe, then it's the same thing as not being safe," said Ure. "We have to align our priorities based on what the public tells us because we are public servants."

Survey responses are anonymous; however, persons who wish to speak with an officer regarding a specific complaint or incident do have the option to provide their contact information.

After the survey is closed, VPD will create an executive summary of the unfiltered results, which will be available to the public via VPD's website and in a paper PDF format at the police department.

"You have to be very secure in your organization to put out a survey because you're asking for honest input. Our goal is to be the best that we can be in Victoria and a survey is going to help us get there," said Ure.



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