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Your Money, Your Business: Art Factory Skate Shop

July 8, 2010 at 2:08 a.m.
Updated July 10, 2010 at 2:10 a.m.

Mike Wursthorn opened Art Factory Skate Shop in 2005. The shop offers a variety of skateboards, apparel, accessories and more. Wursthorn said he also sees the site as a place for young boarders to hang out and visit.

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Business name:

Art Factory Skate Shop

Address and phone number:

1708 E. Airline Road, Suite B, 361-576-4323

Business owner:

Mike Wursthorn

Date opened:

Jan. 22, 2005

Number of employees:


Services offered:

Skateboards, clothing and accessories

1: Why did you choose the industry?

Skateboarding needs a new light and perspective shown about it. I wanted to showcase skateboarding as something positive. Therefore, I opened this shop to reflect that.

2: Describe your first day in business.

It was hectic and busy, but wonderful to see the looks on kids' faces as they walked in our doors. They were so excited to have a full line of skateboarding products to choose from.

3: Describe a typical workday.

Fixing up skateboards, talking to kids about skateboarding, explaining to parents how everything on a skateboard works, restocking products, sometimes just lending an ear to kids that come through and need someone to talk to.

4: Why open up shop in the Crossroads region?

I grew up skating in Victoria and knew there was a need for a real skate shop so you don't have to to out of town or order online. I wanted to bring a breath of fresh air to skateboarding in Victoria.

5: Is it difficult to find employees in our workforce? How do you find workers?

Right now, I run the shop alone. It is a difficult task when looking for trustworthy, knowledgeable employees.

6: What advice would you give others starting a new business?

Just make sure your heart is in it 100 percent. Be prepared to devote night and day to work and be able to support yourself financially for a couple of years until the business starts to turn a profit. You have to love what you do.

7: What is the biggest challenge your industry faces?

Honestly, it's the image that the general public has labeled skateboarding with. If we can break that mold and show the public that skateboarding is a positive form of art and skill, it could grow bigger than ever.

8: What is something most people don't realize about running a small business?

There is lots of paperwork, as well as rules and regulations. The constant fees and bookkeeping also go into it, as do overhead costs and daily customer satisfaction.

9: In your time running your business, what is your best story?

Our best story is every time a kid comes in and gets to pick out his own custom skateboard. Just seeing how excited they become is a recurring best story every day.

10: Where do you see yourself and your business in five years?

I take it day by day. If you concentrate too much on the future, you forget to enjoy what you have right now, in the present.

- Allison Miles, Victoria Advocate

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