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Victoria East cheerleaders collect school supplies for students in need


July 29, 2010 at 2:29 a.m.
Updated July 31, 2010 at 2:31 a.m.

Victoria East High School cheerleaders from left,  Savannah Mendoza, junior; and Kylie Newbern, sophomore; practice for competition with the team the first week of August.

While the Victoria East High School cheerleaders gear up for competitions and a new school year, they're also getting ready to equip students in need.

"There are so many kids that don't have school supplies when they first come in," said Suzanne Seitz, cheer sponsor and East advanced placement English teacher. "They come in unprepared, they don't have pens, they don't have pencils, they don't have notebooks."

The cheerleaders are collecting school supplies for students in need. The supplies will be donated to Kidz Connection, a branch of the school district that helps low-income students.

The 26-member cheer squad held a dance June 24 and collected a boxful of supplies, but the need is still great.

The group will collect supplies at a back-to-school event Unleash the Titans on Aug. 12.

"We want to be there for our community and show that we're there for our community and we're doing everything we can for the needy and the people that have less," said Brittaney Holland, a junior on the squad.

The new year brings extra challenges for the team as they get used to the new Titan identity. The squad is made up of mostly new girls and a few from the former Viper team.

"It's not like the ex-Vipers and the new cheerleaders," Brittaney said. "We're like the Titans now. We're coming together as a team."

After years of Viper spirit even the cheers become convoluted at times when girls accidently chant "Vipers" instead of "Titans."

"I still mess up," Brittaney said, laughing. "And I think even some of our new girls say Vipers sometimes."

But the Titan school spirit will bring new traditions and rivalry.

"We're going to be the best," Brittaney said. "One of our main things we say is anybody can say they're the best, but only East can say they're the beast. It's fun."

The girls believe the drive will help the team contribute something to the community.

"It helps us get out there," said Maggie James, a senior and cheer captain. "And it helps give back to the community."



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