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New median under construction on Main Street


June 13, 2010 at 1:13 a.m.

Changes to Main Street at Nursery Drive are taking shape as a median curb and traffic signal pole pads have been installed. Construction is scheduled to continue in July with the addition of a four-way stop light.

One of Victoria's main streets is getting a new and safer look.

A new curb median and traffic signal are going in at the intersection of Main Street and Nursery Drive, where the street ties into U.S. Highway 87, said Randy Bena, with the Texas Department of Transportation.

Workers actually have three projects under way. They include a wider turn lane and new traffic signal at Mockingbird Lane and Loop 463, a school entrance and traffic signal for the school going in on Tropical Drive and the Main Street median and light.

It's all part of a $2.4 million project the Victoria County Metropolitan Planning Organization got funded through a combination of federal stimulus money and maintenance funds.

The 300-foot Main Street median has drawn more phone calls from the public than Bena expected, he said, attributing it to people not fully understanding exactly what the project entailed.

Workers stripped off about three miles of the yellow street dividing line down Main Street, from Rio Grande Street and past where the new school is going in. That area, he said, is only being repaved.

"They probably think we're building a curb median all the way through," he said. "I think people think it's going to be a long median, like the one in front of the mall."

The goal is to finish the projects in July, before school starts, said Ray Miller, with the Metropolitan Planning Organization.

The new signal lights will likely start out on a flash to allow people to get used to them, he said, and will later begin to cycle.

Miller said he was glad to see Main Street get a facelift in the form of a repaving. The road hadn't seen any major maintenance since about 1996, he said, and now is the time to remedy that.

"It's well time for it," Miller said.



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