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Victoria's Urban unfazed by success


June 27, 2010 at 1:27 a.m.

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Jerheme Urban, guides high school athletes through drills at his football camp for quarterbacks and receivers. Urban is entering his eighth NFL season and was part of Arizona's 2008 NFC Championship team.

Jerheme Urban is happy to be judged by the company he keeps.

Urban returned to Victoria for the third annual Jerheme Urban Quarterbacks and Receivers Camp on Saturday at Memorial Stadium.

He was assisted by family, friends, coaches and former teammates at Trinity University.

"From a personal side of things it just means a ton," Urban said. "It means that these guys respect what I've done. They're willing to put their name on something.

"For most of them it's driving 2 or 3 hours to donate their time. Some of these guys have established quite a reputation themselves so for them to put their name on this and come down and validate it means a ton."

Urban will leave for his first training camp with the Kansas City Chiefs in just over a month. He signed with the Chiefs in March after spending the last three seasons with the Arizona Cardinals.

But he was happy to share his football expertise with the 60 high school players who took advantage of the opportunity to improve their skills free of charge.

"I figured he would come back and give something back to the kids of the community," said Lydell Wilson, who coached Urban in high school at Stroman. "He does a great job with kids. He gives them an outlet to come out for a day and learn some football and have some fun."

Kenny Brunette played with Urban at Trinity and has been an instructor at all three camps.

"The first thing that stood out for me about Jerheme was his determination and his hard work that kind of set the tone," said Brunette, who was a year behind Urban at Trinity. "He was kind of the example that we all followed out there even as a younger guy on the team he was always the one putting the most effort in and the hardest worker out there."

Travis Munro was a junior when Urban arrived at Trinity, but was impressed by his skills and his drive to improve.

"He's the perfect example of what hard work will do for you," Munro said. "From my standpoint, I consider him a freak athlete. But for him the level he's on, he considers himself a hard worker with guys who are more talented than he is. His hard work has put him where he is."

Wilson, who won a state championship coaching at Lamar Consolidated and is preparing to begin his first season at Houston King, admits the coaches at Stroman had no idea they had a former pro on their team.

"We were talking about it and when you think about all the people that came through Victoria High and Stroman and did we think that Jerheme would be the one to make it to the NFL? I think our consensus was no," Wilson said. "Not because he didn't have the work ethic or the ability, but just how your body grows when you get older and you mature and he matured into what he needed to be."

Munro was impressed by Urban's willingness to do whatever it took to get better at Trinity.

"He has a quiet confidence, you're never going to mistake him for cocky although he is a confident kid," Munro said. "I don't think you're as successful as he is without being confident. He was coachable, quiet, despite his gifts. He came in and listened."

Munro isn't surprised Urban has returned to Victoria to conduct the camp.

"Even though he's reached the success he has you would never know it," Munro said. "He's one of the most humble people I've ever come across and is just a great guy.

"He remembers where he came from, he wants to give back and he wants to be a role model to the young guys."



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