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Construction update: flagpoles installed at East


March 7, 2010 at 10:05 p.m.
Updated March 7, 2010 at 9:08 p.m.

Quarry tile, toilet partitions and flagpoles were recently installed at Victoria East High School.

Construction continues for the three new schools in the Victoria school district.

All three campuses are set to open in August.

Victoria West High School and Cade Middle School

Finished acoustical ceilings at third floor type classrooms and started perimeter angles and wires for lab classroom areas A and B; started ceiling grid area H

Installed control joints in library, started tape, float, and first coat of paint on library walls; painting third floor corridors; third floor paint at typical classrooms complete; started painting high school gym.

Second floor tile wainscoting is 98 percent complete.

Sheetrock ceiling in auditorium is 95 percent complete.

Installed walk-in cooler/freezer at high school.

Continued installing ductwork area, C and D in third floor.

Insulation is ongoing for both plumbing and HVAC work at high school.

Poured sidewalks at cafeteria entrance and along area E at high school.

Installed curtain wall system at stair No. 3 and 4 and started installing curtain wall at stair No. 1 landings.

Started installing kitchen equipment at middle school.

Began installation of VCT second floor areas A and B type classrooms at middle school.

Started forming and tying rebar for parking lot and drive behind mechanical yard at middle school.

Performed electrical trim-out and continued installing light fixtures at middle school.

Started forming and tying rebar for parking lot and drive behind mechanical yard at middle school.

Raised fire sprinkler lines in area D dressing rooms at middle school.

Flushing chilled water lines at middle school.

Installed aluminum storefront at west stair at middle school.

Finished installing tile wainscoting on first and second floor areas A and B.

Continued installing plumbing fixtures in areas A and B at middle school.

Started installation of athletic equipment at middle school gym.

Victoria East High School

Installed toilet partition, wire mesh panels, interior doors/hardware in area H.

Installed tape/float/paint drywall in area G.

Began installing ceiling grid.

Began installing sound booth, light fixtures and ceiling devices in area F.

Installed quarry tile, chiller start-up in area F.

Installed cooler freezer condensing unit.

Installed exterior storefront doors, Sheetrock auditorium ceiling in area E.

Began installing tape/float/paint of auditorium ceiling.

Installed light fixtures/ceiling devices in area E.

Installed millwork classrooms in Areas A, B, C, D on third floor.

Installed tape/float/prime walls, millwork classrooms in areas A, B, C, D on second floor.

Installed exterior aluminum doors, dry-in complete.

Installed flagpoles.



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