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Railwood Drive slated for closing

May 4, 2010 at 12:04 a.m.

The vote to close Railroad Drive was 7-0 and included Mayor Will Armstrong, who also lives in the subdivision.

He said city former City Manager Denny Arnold had surveyed the neighborhood years ago about closing the street, but decided against it.

"But since then, there has been continuous discussion about closing it." Armstrong said. "Not one single person has contacted me and said, 'Don't close it.'"

It appears the city is poised to close Railwood Drive in the Woodway subdivision in north Victoria because of traffic safety concerns.

On Tuesday, the city council took the first of two votes needed to close it to traffic because it is being used as a shortcut through the neighborhood to avoid traffic lights at Nursery Drive and the Zac Lentz Parkway.

Council Member Paul Polasek said the short street entrance belongs to the entire city and not just Woodway. But he said the traffic dynamics have changed so much since Woodway was developed he'd have to agree to the closing.

"Closing a street is a very serious issue," he said. "But I'm comfortable with this."

Don Porr, a resident of the subdivision, said the homeowners association had done a survey and a majority of the residents agreed it should be closed.

"We've made several efforts over the years to close traffic on Railwood," he said. "Close the street and then analyze the problem."

He said one of his concerns is the number of children that frequent the area and the increased traffic.

David Brown, another resident in the subdivision, said he looks forward to the Victoria West High School opening nearby. But he said that will probably only increase the number of drivers using Railwood as a shortcut.

"I'm very concerned about the new drivers, the loud radios and the things that go with that," Brown said. "I ask for your help in securing a safe neighborhood."

John Kaminski, the city's director of Development Services, said two surveys of the subdivision have been conducted. One was by the city and the other by the homeowners subdivision.

He said the results were that 52 to 63 percent of the residents favored closing the street.



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