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  • Who can blame the residents of Woodway considering the soon to be traffic fiasco with the opening of the new West senior campus and middle school campus.

    Many citizens have expressed safety concerns with only one road leading in and out of these two new schools. Is the city still working on a possible second road to help this situation?

    The feeder road to nowhere for Loop 463 (barricaded & deadended), which is just east of the schools' property, could be utilized to aide in this dilema. A traffic light and turn lanes on the two-lane section of Loop 463 is a workable option. Loop 1604 in San Antonio has several traffic lights in similar situations and this loop has high traffic. For Victoria, this would allow some 3,000 students, teachers, parents, etc.. an alternative to having to use the one entrance of Hwy 87.

    May 5, 2010 at 6:23 a.m.