Pets offer relaxing study break for VC students

It's the week before finals at the Victoria College, and to relieve students' escalating stress, cats and dogs helped them out Tuesday.

The attention-loving animals from the Dorothy H. O'Connor Pet Adoption Center paid students a visit to take their mind off of finals for a bit.

And, for a little love.

Q: What effect have these pets have on you as you prepare for your finals?

"With all these puppies, I'm not even worried about finals."

-Rebecca Crater, early childhood education major

"I've been walking Sadie. She's been awesome to hang with. She's showed me the compassion and interaction we need to relieve stress for finals."

-Latasha Brooks, psychology major

"It's relaxing. It gets rid of that nervous energy. Sometimes you get bogged down and think about how you need to study and it's good to have a little bit of relaxation."

-Clare Crisp, physical therapist assistant major

"I'm fixing to go to tutoring, so this was a nice way to lift up my spirits."

-Melody Pena, nutrition major

"Dogs were created for us and they reduce our stress. It's a scientific fact that they reduce our blood pressure and stuff."

-Tommie Gips, studying to be registered nurse