No injuries in 2-vehicle crash on Sam Houston Drive

Police investigate the cause of a two-vehicle wreck on Sam Houston Drive near Navarro Street.

No one was injured during a two-vehicle wreck Monday afternoon on Sam Houston Drive near Navarro Street.

At 2 p.m., a maroon Nissan Sentra and a gold Ford Taurus traveled on Sam Houston Drive toward Navarro Street.

The Sentra's driver, 26-year-old Victoria resident Kimberly Wiggins, was stopped at the intersection while waiting to turn right onto Navarro Street.

Wiggins attempted to turn but stopped for more oncoming traffic.

Upon stopping, she was rear-ended by 54-year-old Victoria resident Margaret Shelton.

Shelton, Wiggins and her passengers, an adult male and infant passenger, were uninjured. Everyone wore his or her seatbelt.

Officer Travis Hanson said Shelton would not be ticketed, but she was found at fault for failure to control speed.