Ranging Reporter update: Has bullying in schools changed in the past 20 years?

Ranging Reporter J.R. Ortega was at talking with locals at Ramsey's Restaurant about bullying in schools and if they have seen a change in the behavior.

A: "I think probably it has. There are more kids in schools these days."

Patsy Simmons, Victoria, retired

A: "I think the older they get, the more they are trying to form their character. You don't see it too much in the younger kids."

Minnie Farias, Victoria, retired school teacher.

A: "I think it's gotten worse. When we were growing up, it wasn't that bad."

David Hernandez, Bloomington, self-employed

A: "I think it's gotten much worse. Parents don't control their kids. It's sad."

Carol Nelson, Victoria, bookkeeper