• 1. "A city official said he's hoping to get the city back on track when it comes to spending the money produced"

    2. "He said the city also need to focus on current problems, such as streets and drainage"

    3. "Voter were told that a majority of the sales tax money would be spent on such improvements as streets and drainage"

    4. "the city has been telling the sales tax board it appoints how it wants the money spent"

    5. "he said he'd like to see the sales tax board be more independent when it decides how to allocate the funds". "My personal feeling is we're a piggy bank for the city."

    6. "but he noted that some board members may feel intimidated because they are appointed by the council"

    This tax is paid by everybody that shops in Victoria, not just residents and not just property owners. Over the 14 years of its existance it has been totally distorted from what it was represented to be during the 1995 election to pass it.

    This money was never intended to be a 'slush fund' for the popular cause of the day. The voters put this tax on themselves because they wanted to improve the place where they live.
    I totally agree with Soliz and Neitsch ... Either use the money produced, as it was intended to be used or repeal the tax.

    November 5, 2010 at 6:10 a.m.