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More than 100 participate in Life Chain protest in Port Lavaca

By Jennifer Lee Preyss
Oct. 3, 2010 at 5:03 a.m.

Michael Beard prays silently for passing drivers during the Life Chain anti-abortion protest in Port Lavaca on Sunday. More than 75 protestors lined 113 State Highway 35 holding signs bearing pro-life messages in part of an international picketing campaign sponsored by Life Chain, an anti-abortion organization. The Port Lavaca Life Chain has drawn members of various churches, denominations, and ages in the area for six years. "All children are precious gifts from God," Beard said. "There are other options. I'm here to get that message across."

About 100 abortion opponents lined the streets of U.S. 35 in Port Lavaca on Sunday to peacefully protest.

As part of the annual Life Chain, an event that protests abortion the first Sunday in October in more than 1,400 cities worldwide, Port Lavaca resident Maye Nichols led the group of in an hour-long demonstration.

"I know there are other things people are concerned about, but this is what I'm passionate about," Nichols said. "I don't think people know the truth about abortion, that it does hurt women in the long run."

For the past six years, Nichols has organized the Life Chain protest in Port Lavaca, watching it grow steadily throughout each year.

"We've had a positive response so far, and we usually have more positive than negative responses from" passers-by, she said.

Standing quietly on the streets, protesters held signs that read, "Choose Life," "Women Do Regret Abortion," "Jesus Forgives and Heals," and "Pray to End Abortion," among others.

Some used the time to pray, while others simply stood in silence.

Billy Gonzales, of Port Lavaca, said he once thought abortion protesters were "crazy," but when he found religion, his attitude on abortion changed.

"God makes the baby, and at conception, it's a human life," Gozales said. "If we can change one person's mind today, maybe they can change another person's mind and so on until abortion no longer happens."

Victoria also hosted a Life Chain protest along North Navarro Street from 2 to 3 p.m.



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