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On top of young Presley, all covered in sauce...

Sept. 22, 2010 at 4:22 a.m.

Fifteen-month-old Presley Drozd and her mother, Jackie, enjoy a laughing moment on her front porch in Hallettsville. Presley, dressed up for pictures, appears a bit neater than the photo her mother took of her moments after she served her youngsters a spaghetti supper.

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HALLETTSVILLE - Jackie and Jon Drozd always keep a cell phone handy, particularly at supper time.

Not for making calls. For taking pictures.

Back in May, Jackie had just fed her 15-month-old twins,

Presley and Peyton, their dinner.


"I happened to turn around and Presley had spaghetti everywhere - in her hair, all over her chest, just everywhere," Jackie remembers.

"When I said 'What are you doing?' she started grinning and doing all this crazy stuff, so I grabbed my cell phone and took a picture of her."

Why not a camera instead?

"We have a camera, but we keep it put away to keep it safe," Jackie says. "But it's not as convenient."

Jackie shared the photo with our readers by submitting it to the Advocate's online Your Photo section.

Is spaghetti still on the family's menu? Of course, who knows how many more photos are hiding among noodles and sauce?



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