• Why attend the forum if you already know everything about Health reform? I learned everything I need to know about everything from Glenn and Rush. They never use mis-information or bent facts.

    September 23, 2010 at 11 a.m.
  • It is a known fact that much of the pending tax increase will come as burden to the state budgets in the form of increased Medicaid payments. It is the same with many of the "stimulus" entitlements that went toward salary increases for state government employees and teachers. Those dollars will have to be generated into the state funds for following years by some means (tax increases) or by cutting the budget of what has been accepted norm.

    Even Stevie Wonder can see that the amount of dollars estimated to fund Obamacare is several billion short in meeting actual costs. That is where the next Federal tax will come in, to further load the backs of working America. Why do you think they delayed the start of benefits until 2014, because it is UNDER-FUNDED!

    To implement Obamacare, the fed stripped many dollars from Medicare, severely limiting many services and payments that the elderly desperately need, so that more can be given to able-bodied Americans that choose not to work or choose not to get themselves a (free) education so that they could work. It is a matter of time before the cry to re-fund these programs will ring out and the politicians will be looking to take more from Joe Tax-payer to repay what was taken away from Medicare
    Obamacare will set limits on payments to doctors and hospitals, which will in turn deter those currently in and potentially entering the profession to consider other means of livelyhood, essentially ruining a system that not only thrived on the free-market system, but is or was the envy of the world. Americans will be left with a system that will be poor at best, but equally inept for all of us. Oh isn't that something to be proud of? It has already happened in Britain and Canada. There will be a line to get into, just waiting for you to add to the masses already therein. As an aging American, I don't see these changes being good for America, not for the future generations, or for my family. I cannot sit by and allow our country to be torn apart by the short-sighted idealists that are weak on knowledge of history and who disregard expectations of Liberty amongst our citizens.

    So your gonna serve up some more rhetoric to convince me this is better, and it won't cost any more. Sorry, I've already tried chewing on it, and it just keeps coming back up.

    September 23, 2010 at 2:06 a.m.