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Experimental post punk hits Victoria music scene

By by gheni platenburg/
April 6, 2011 at 2:01 p.m.
Updated April 5, 2011 at 11:06 p.m.

The Paper Shapes, from left, are Aaron Pearson, Hector Guerra, Austin (no longer in the band), Jason Bearden and Alex Brown. Left: The Paper Shapes in concert.

The Paper Shapes, from left, are Aaron Pearson, Hector Guerra, Austin (no longer in the band), Jason Bearden and Alex Brown. Left: The Paper Shapes in concert.

The sounds of experimental post punk will fill the Downtown Bar & Grill on Saturday as the Paper Shapes take center stage.

This will be the Austin-based band's second time performing in Victoria.

"Anyone who comes to see us won't be disappointed," said the band's singer Aaron Pearson, who is a Victoria native.

Paper Shapes, whose name was derived from the concept of an evil race of origami aliens, is comprised of Pearson, the band's singer; Jason Bearden, bass player; Hector Guerra, guitarist; and Alex Brown, drummer.

Victoria native Matt Skoog is the band's light technician and graphic designer.

The band's Victoria's performance comes on the heels of the band's recent nominations with The Independent Music Awards (IMAs), an international awards program in which nominees and winners are hand-chosen by more than 60 talented and accomplished musicians and industry professionals including Seal, Gavin Rossdale, Tom Waits, Ozzy Osbourne and Kevin Lyman, owner of the Warped Tour.

The band was nominated for their latest EP "Be Vigilant," which was released in October 2010, while Skoog, Paper Shapes light technician and graphic designer, was nominated for best album design and show poster.

As nominees, the band will play showcases in New York City, as well as get its music placed on 30,000 Internet jukeboxes and college radio stations.

"We're definitely going in a good direction," said Pearson, who is working to rally Victorians to vote for the band in the IMAs. "This is the most promising opportunity of getting our music out there."

For Pearson, Paper Shapes' new-found success is the culmination of years of hard work.

Pearson started his first professional band, Prom Night, in 2005.

The band, which played in Victoria a few times, eventually disbanded.

By happenstance, Pearson met his current band mates through mutual friends and resurrected Prom Night.

But with the band being comprised of all new members and going in a totally new direction, the group changed their name to The Paper Shapes in late 2009.

The band released their debut EP, "Shape Invasion," as well as played their first show in Victoria in late 2009.

Although the band has its own unique sound, Pearson said the band's musical influences include At the Drive-in, Fugazi, Led Zeppelin and Nirvana.

The band's popular song, "Castles" can most often be heard on Austin-area radio stations.

The Paper Shapes remain excited about the opportunity to play some of their older songs and their award-nominated new songs during their upcoming performance in The Crossroads.

"It's cool playing in small towns," said Bearden. "Everyone is a lot more willing to check out the music and give it a chance."



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