• Hmm...Now just two days ago, the Editorial Board jumped on the bandwagon for some silly $30,000 study to see if Victoria needs more hotels. Apparently some of the leg work has already been done. Talks with the existing hotels management state they are at 90% capacity during the week and 60 to 80 on the weekends. Now we have an agent for a car rental company who claims she is frequently asked why there is no hotel nearer to the airport. What is left to study?

    Is the Bureau waiting for some one to walk through their hallowed doors with a bright light surrounding their silhouette, lay a hand on the desk and whisper in Ms. Bise's ear, DUH, THIS TOWN NEEDS MORE HOTELS!?

    There is already some rough data provided. Is Ms. Bise or any of her minions not capable of running with what they have? Some of the footwork (or phone work) has already been started and I'm pretty sure I could get my three year old nephew to assist with the pie chart and graphs.

    One suggestion though, leave the boots out of it.

    April 24, 2011 at 8:04 a.m.