• Allergic to cedar. Watched a real tree catch fire and burn down a house one year just before Christmas. We have a gorgeous (and expensive) FAKE tree that was purchased nearly 20 years ago at the WalMart in Gonzales. It looks real and had held up wonderfully thru the years.

    And hanging from the lowest branch - the Christmas Nail

    ---- snip ---

    The Christmas NailĀ®

    It's Christmas time at our house
    and we're putting up the tree.
    I wish I could find some simple way
    to remember Christ's gift to me.
    Some little sign or symbol
    to show friends stopping by,
    The little babe was born one day
    but He really came to die.
    Some symbol of His nail-pierced hands,
    the blood He shed for you and me.
    What if I hung a simple nail
    on my shining Christmas tree?
    A crimson bow tied round the nail
    as His blood flowed down so free,
    To save each person from their sin
    and redeem us for eternity.
    I know it was His love for us
    that held Him to the tree,
    But when I see this simple nail
    I know He died for me.

    by John Patton, creator of the The Christmas NailĀ®

    December 5, 2011 at 11:11 a.m.