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Chomp! Niki's Roma Pizza equates to easy, fast and convenient

By by jessica rodrigo/jrodrigo@vicad.com
Dec. 14, 2011 at 6:14 a.m.

The pizzas at Niki's Roma Pizza in the Victoria Mall are a great meal for a journalist on the go. They're easy to eat, non-greasy and won't leave crumbs in the keyboard. The calzones are another story, smothered in marinara sauce they require a fork and knife to eat, but worth the hassle regardless of deadline.

In my experience as a journalist, if there is one thing we love, it's the word "free." But please don't misunderstand me - we will work for that "free," whatever form it may come in.

Maybe it's a pen from an event that we cover during our daily beat (pens are invaluable to us, what's a journalist without a pen?). Or, a better example, the "free" pizzas (which the editors supply to their reporters) that arrive in our newsroom when we're covering a big election night or taking in scores from the Friday night football games in and beyond the Crossroads.

We enjoy free food. It could be chips and salsa, cookies, doughnuts perhaps, if it's free, we're usually into it. However, I must mention, for sake of not sounding like a cheapskate, we enjoy free for the convenience (and the lessened pressure to stretch a journalist's budget). Take a peek into the cars that tow around our reporters and photogs and they are usually littered with empty coffee cups, or wrappers of fastfood joints. A free slice of pizza skims minutes off of the days routine - no waiting in line to grab a bite to eat during the day equals more time to sit at the computer and meet deadline.

Pizza is typically easy to come by, easy to devour, no utensils necessary (Chicago deep-dish may argue that point) and its affordable. And let's be honest, you get almost all of your basic food groups, too - dairy, vegetables, protein and grains. What's not to love about that?

In the heart of the Victoria Mall food court is Niki's Roma Pizza, bright and glowing with its red lights and dressed in Italian colors. Despite it technically being a fast food eatery, it has favorites that could take a while to cook, but at just a minutes' time. The menu lists spaghetti and meatballs, lasagna, calzones and, of course, pizza - a variety of them.

You can buy them by the slice or by the pie. The slices are more than enough to kick the hunger pains to the curb. The pizza is not at all greasy or crumby, which makes it a perfect bite to eat at the desk, as we often do ... or maybe that is just me.

The calzones are a great meal, too, but need the assistance of a knife and fork, as they are generously smothered in marinara sauce. They're a hefty size, too, and stuffed with cheese and your choice of filling. I had the sausage calzone and it was delicious. It had the perfect combination of dough, cheeses, sausage and marinara sauce. Wash it all down with a cola and you're set for whatever assignments you have for the day - that story at the local university, or the event at Riverside Park - and you won't be hungry until later, when you're ready to clock out for the night.



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