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2011 Knowledge Bowl set for Friday

By JR Ortega
Feb. 17, 2011 at 4 p.m.
Updated Feb. 16, 2011 at 8:17 p.m.

IF YOU GO WHAT: 2011 Knowledge Bowl

WHEN: 6 p.m. Friday

WHERE: Victoria College Student Center, 2200 E. Red River Street

COST: Spectator entry fee $5 at the door.


Goliad Buddies - Buddy Young Insurance Agency

Pathological Cowboys - Citizens Medical Center

Brains for Hire - B.J. Davis Homes


MHS Debate - Memorial High School

Negative Motion - St. Joseph High School

The Savants - St. Joseph High School

TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGEThe following are questions from the 2010 Knowledge Bowl.

1. The Library of Texas State University - San Marcos is named after which oilman from Victoria?

2. A significant event in the life of Muhammed was his migration to Medina from ___________?

3. For a blood pressure reading of 140/92, what is bottom number (92) known as?

ANSWERS: 1. Albert B. Alkek, 2. Mecca, 3. diastolic pressure

The tiebreaker question asked the amount of the national debt. Goliad Buddies was closest to the actual number with its guess of $10 trillion.

Even though they weren't exactly right, they won first place in last year's Knowledge Bowl.

"It always comes down to one or two questions," said James White, a retired math teacher from Goliad.

This year, Goliad Buddies, a team of mostly teachers, hopes to take the win again at the Rotary Clubs of Victoria's Knowledge Bowl at Victoria College, a Trivial Pursuit style competition made up of adult and high school teams.

Goliad Buddies has won three times in the past nine years, White said.

The team has no real secret to success.

The four members are all involved in different subjects in the education field and each keeps up with knowing a little bit about everything.

This is the only real way of preparation, White said.

"We're very fortunate to win," he said. "There are very bright teams."

The team is made up of White, Dan Lauderdale, a history and drama teacher at Goliad High School; Ruth Dahlstrom, a retired librarian; and David Swickheimer, a computer teacher at Victoria College.

Varying interests is key when forming a team.

"If four people know the answer that really doesn't help you," he said laughing. "We have quite a spectrum of interests."

The Goliad Buddies team is sponsored by the Buddy Young Insurance Agency.

Buddy Young is proud of the team, which won in 2010 and 2009. The team won one more time under the sponsorship of Stimson Furniture several years ago.

"It lets people know that Goliad has people who participate," he said. "They're very, very strong."

This year, 25 adult teams have signed up and 10 high school teams have signed up, said Omar Rachid, chair of the Knowledge Bowl planning committee.

Three rounds of 50 questions make up the competition. Questions cover any subject, from history and pop culture to biology and medicine, Rachid said.

The competition is a major fundraiser for the Victoria Adult Literacy Council. The competition has been held for 17 years, 12 of those years it was hosted by the Victoria Advocate and for the past five years the Victoria, Sunrise and Northside Rotary Clubs have hosted.

"It's very important," Rachid said. "Not only is it really helping a good cause, it's also a night of fun times and camaraderie."



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