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Victoria man scores Dallas Cowboys season tickets through scratch-off game


Feb. 20, 2011 at 8 p.m.
Updated Feb. 19, 2011 at 8:20 p.m.

Richard N. Thompson recently won season Dallas Cowboys tickets in the Texas Lottery's Dallas Cowboys scratch-off game's second chance drawing. This was Thompson's third win in the contest.

First came the autographed Dez Bryant Dallas Cowboys jersey. Next it was a $100 gift card for the NFL shop. But it was the third prize that really struck Victoria resident Richard N. Thompson: a pair of Dallas Cowboys season tickets.

Thompson, 57, recently won his third prize in the Texas Lottery's Dallas Cowboys scratch-off game's second-chance drawing.

"Have you ever heard of something like that?" he asked, regarding his third win in a row. "It's cool. Pretty cool."

Thompson's seats sit between the 30-yard line, according to a Texas Lottery Commission news release.

The retired Union Carbide employee and lifelong Cowboys fan said it's exciting to know he has a seat at each of the next season's home games. Plenty of friends and family members have already volunteered to help him fill that extra seat.

"I have a son in Austin and one in Tulsa, and they're both closer to the stadium than I am," he said. "They're looking forward to going to a game. My neighbor across the street is a big fan, too."

Thompson said his only concern is the ongoing contract disputes between NFL owners and the players. Although he said he's sure the issues will resolve themselves, he hopes it doesn't affect the number of games in the season.

"I'd hate to win this and then see them go on strike or something," he said with a laugh.

When Thompson isn't holed up in his "man cave" - a garage decked out with a big-screen TV and football paraphernalia - he said he enjoys gardening and barbecuing.

Other sports also come into play. NASCAR takes second place to football, he said, while basketball probably comes in third.

Thompson said his latest win carries more significance than the prize value. It also took place on his birthday.

"They mailed me a form of what I won and it said, 'Congratulations, you have won a pair of season tickets,'" he said. "It was dated Feb. 8, my birthday. I'll take it. Happy birthday, right?"



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