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Feeling Blue? Go see some really blue men

By by dianna wray/
Feb. 21, 2011 at 5 p.m.
Updated Feb. 22, 2011 at 8:23 p.m.

The Blue Man Group is known for playing  weird, but fun music mixed with physical comedy. Tickets for the upcoming Houston show range in price from $24 to $59.

Some people go with the subtle approach, but when it comes to Blue Man Group, it's OK to be as subtle as a sledgehammer - seriously, there's a rule.

The Blue Man Group, a bunch of guys who make really cool music and wear a lot of blue body paint while doing it, are coming to Houston. Go see them. Don't think about it, don't question it, just buy yourself a ticket, get in your car and go see it.

If you've never heard tell, Blue Man Group shows feature a trio of performers who are hairless, blue-skinned, voiceless and very funny.

The original group was formed in 1987 by three guys who had come to New York City to make it big. With the Blue Man Group, they succeeded.

The group plays really weird, fun music and goes in for physical comedy. A tip though, if mimes freak you out, be forewarned, as these guys do not speak or come out of character while onstage. If you ask for an autograph, all you'll get is a blue dot, and if you try to take a picture with your cell phone, they're likely to stare in wonder since the Blue Man Group doesn't seem to acknowledge new technology - it's all part of their schtick.

It was an ingenious idea, painting themselves all blue. The act caught on and the group has only grown in popularity over the years, playing shows and creating different productions around the world. They've even played Vegas, to rave reviews, and an act good enough to get people away from the roulette wheel has gotta be pretty neat, right?

The Blue Man Group has different touring entities around the world, and a new theatrical company is stopping over in Houston for eight performances.

The show will feature "classic" Blue Man Group content, alongside some new fun surprises. Either way, the paint drums will be on hand to send paint flying to a groovy beat.

They're playing at Jones Hall March 9-13, and a fine time will be had for all.

Be sure and get a blue dot autograph, if you can swing it.



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