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  • well, that isn't the only thing they would score poorly in...And TEA needs to get the schools straight with the English speaking american citizens children first then work their way to the illegals.
    TEA needs to check into the fact that Calhoun County ISD has no Bench Mark test scores for their students, because they lost them with a new system. Notified the school of needing my daughter's bench mark and taks test scores so that the tutor I had to hire for my daughter in Math class, would have something to base her needs on. Well guess what the school said they lost them due to a new computer system, and couldn't help...So MAY QUESTION IS: Why would the state want the school district help the illegal nonenglish speaking students, before they help the American English speaking, Taxpaying Citizens' students??? Does Obama or Perry have an answer

    January 29, 2011 at 7:10 a.m.