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Area residents become zombies for movie filming near Goliad

By JR Ortega
Jan. 26, 2011 at 5:04 p.m.
Updated Jan. 25, 2011 at 7:26 p.m.

Zombies lurch menacingly through the fog during the filming of "Buck Wild" Tuesday evening in Goliad. Most of the zombies were extras who came from various  parts of Texas to be a part of the movie for the fun of the experience.

When the sun goes down in Goliad County, the night comes alive - with the dead.

Zombies, to be exact.

Now, don't go reaching for your shotgun and hide your family in the attic, this zombie attack is far from real - they're actually extras from the Crossroads area on set for an independent film being shot in Goliad County.

"It's kind of hard," said Jack Keith, 11, one of the zombie extras. "You have to learn certain steps that you have to do."

The movie "Buck Wild" is being produced by Taylor Thompson, a Los Angeles resident who was born and raised in Victoria.

The production company is Conation Films, and the movie is a comedy about friends on a hunting trip who find themselves in the middle of a zombie war.

Shooting the final scenes began early this week, and all the extras have been chosen.

Tuesday had the biggest use of extras, with 120 from across the region.

The extras will be used until Friday, Thompson said.

"We've remained ahead of schedule," Thompson said.

The film will officially wrap up on Friday, she added.

This week, the shooting has been done at the Albrecht Ranch, between Goliad and Weesatche.

Shooting in this area is a prime location for the movie, Thompson said.

Being back near her hometown was another reason for wanting to shoot the movie in the Crossroads, she said.

"We couldn't have done it without the generosity of the locals," she added.

Jack is excited to see the finished product, he said.

His sister, 4-year-old Lucy Keith, also was used in some of the scenes.

"This is my first movie to be in," Jack said with a lilt in his voice.

His mother, Melita Keith, was also used in some of the shots several weeks ago.

The makeup and schooling that goes into being a zombie is more than one would think, she said.

"As far as zombies go, it's pretty authentic," she said. " It's a once in a lifetime experience."

Only about 20 zombies were needed Thursday.

Lindsey Hooper, a 25-year-old from Victoria, walked weakly toward the camera.

"It was completely disgusting," she said about the blood and makeup she had on. "You just kind of relax everything, and then roll your head."

Hooper was in the Victoriadores dance team with Thompson back in high school.

The experience of filming a movie is great, but the fact that it's being filmed in a place they grew up is even better, she said.

As an extra, there is no pay, but it's all worth it, Hooper said.

"They made it aware that they were very gracious," she said. "Let's put Victoria and Goliad on the map."



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