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At Poco Bueno, the biggest catch was made on deck

July 16, 2011 at 2:16 a.m.
Updated July 17, 2011 at 2:17 a.m.

Kim Ross, left, Marci Radke and Scott Radke take photos and cheer on their cousin who competed in the Poco Bueno Fishing Tournament in Port O'Connor on Saturday.

Kim Ross, left, Marci Radke and Scott Radke take photos and cheer on their cousin who competed in the Poco Bueno Fishing Tournament in Port O'Connor on Saturday.

When then-Amy Dearixon was invited to attend the Poco Bueno Tournament with her friend Lori Denison in the summer of 1993, she didn't know what to expect.

"What is Poco Bueno?" Dearixon asked.

"Oh, it'll be fun!" Denison answered.

Henry came home with her Texas A&M classmate for her first Poco Bueno tournament.

It was during that tournament, on the deck of Denison's parents' home, that Dearixon met her husband, Jason Henry.

"It was love at first sight, right baby?" Amy said.

"Absolutely, on my part. I don't know about you," Jason replied.

Amy and Jason, who was also a student at Texas A&M, dated for about two years and got married in the fall of 1995.

They lived in Houston for 13 years, then moved to Victoria.

Jason Henry, 39, works as an investment adviser in his family's business, Crossroads Wealth Management, and Amy Henry, 40, opened Victoria Family Eye Care in 2007.

The Henrys now have an RV, which they keep in Port O'Connor year-round. Amy Henry said the family stays in the RV when they go fishing in Port O'Connor during the summer with their daughter, Presley, 11, and son, Grant, 10.

"When we got back to this area, one of the first things we did was buy the RV," Jason said. "It's primarily for the Poco Bueno tournament."

Jason participated in the fishing tournament from 2006 to 2009. Jason said they went out for dolphin, tuna and sail fish, but they primarily fished for blue marlin.

The comaraderie, intensity and competition of the Poco Bueno tournament is not matched by any other fishing experience Jason has had.

"It's good to get back to the shore and see a big crowd," Jason said. "You're part of the show. People are here to see what you bring in."

Last year, while the Henrys were attending the Poco Bueno tournament, they experimented with selling sunglasses from some extra space on a friend's T-shirt stand.

"We thought we'd bring down some sunglasses to sell - maybe make up the cost of the trip," Jason said. "We ended up accidentally selling about $5,000 worth of glasses."

Their second year selling glasses has been even better.

"We had to have one of our optometrists come out today with extra glasses because we were running out!" Amy said.

Over the years, the Poco Bueno tournament has become a family tradition for the Henrys. Every year, they make new friends and catch up with old ones.

This year, while working at the sunglasses stand behind the family RV, Jason spotted an old friend.

"Chipper Holt and I used to hunt in South Texas together, and I hadn't seen him since I was 11," Jason said.

While the Poco Bueno tournament holds many charms for the Henrys, the most significant memory is their first meeting 18 years ago.

"We're within walking distance of where we first met. It's pretty cool." Jason Henry said. "The kids can point to it from here and say, 'That's where Mom and Daddy met!'"



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