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Concert takes audience on rollercoaster ride

Camille Doty

By Camille Doty
June 9, 2011 at 1:09 a.m.

Violinist Gesa Kordes signs an autograph for Hatti Bryant, 10, after her performance with other musicians in the show "Pulcinella Originals: The Music That Inspired Stravinsky," for the Victoria Bach Festival at the First United Methodist Church on Thursday.

Ruby Gates moved to Victoria two years ago. She said moving to the Crossroads has expanded her horizons.

"I'm just a country girl," she said. "I saw 'The Nutcracker' last winter and now I'm listening to Bach."

Gates admitted she has a deep connection to Country Western music, but classical music has given her a different perspective in life.

Gates and her youngest daughter, Lesha Bryant, drove up U.S. Highway 77, from Corpus Christi, to settle in the Crossroads. And, on Thursday afternoon, they caravaned to the Victoria Bach Festival.

"I've never been to these concerts and it's been enlightening," said 68-year-old Gates.

The eager grandmother came to "Pulcinella Originals" concert 30 minutes early. She wanted to have a good seat. Her granddaughter, Hatti Bryant, accompanied her in her mission. The 10-year-old appeared to be just as enthused. "I like the music and hearing the different keys," she said.

Hatti said her music teacher exposed her to composers. She said her team from Chandler Elementary School won first place in the music memory contest.

Three generations of a family sat in the church pew listening to the soothing sounds of Stravinsky-inspired music. Musicians from various parts of the world came to Victoria's First United Methodist Church. The artists spoke no words, but their violin bows and keyboards talked to the audience.

The crowd rode the emotional rollercoaster with the selections. Some people tapped their feet, others wiped their eyes, and beamed with joy.

"It made me smile. It made me cry. I loved it," Hatti said.



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