Too early to tell whether Japanese nuclear issues will affect Texas production

It's too early to determine whether issues at Japanese plants will affect nuclear power in the Crossroads, industry professionals said.

Exelon Nuclear does not react in a knee-jerk fashion to such instances, said Craig Nesbit, Exelon's director of communication. Any such decision wouldn't come until later.

The company announced plans to consider building a Victoria County nuclear plant, but has not yet made a decision.

"It's just hard to say," he said of Japan's effects Monday afternoon. "We're always evaluating what we're doing based on whatever circumstances - usually market and certain business circumstances - exist."

Buddy Eller, a spokesman with STP Nuclear in Bay City, agreed, adding the company's thoughts and prayers go out to the people in Japan.

"It's a devastating tragedy for the country," he said, noting Japanese plants have managed to contain the facilities so dangerous radiation levels did not reach the public. "We have a lot of friends and colleagues there. We stand ready to assist any way we can."