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More than 400 exhibits at science fair

March 25, 2011 at 10:05 p.m.
Updated April 4, 2011 at 11:05 p.m.

Northside Baptist students, from left, James Adams, 11, Justin Hagan, 11, and Joseph Mudd, 11, look at one of the projects during the VISD Science and Engineering Fair on Friday at the old Memorial gymnasium. The fair had projects from students from about 15 schools, elementary through high school.



Animal Science

1: Emily Bennett

2: Luke Blundell

3: Jory Stevens

Behavioral and Social Science

1: Katie Johnson

2: Shelby Schaefer

3: Leticia Vasquez

4: Jessica Almaguer

Honorable Mention:

Briana Reyes,

Carolyn Norris


1: Michael Valdez

2: Jarett Johnson

3: Deborah Lin


1: Joshua Morgan

2: Skylar Laqua

2: Nathan Owens

3: Trevor Austin

3: Morgan Park

4: Cynthia Resendez, Brittany Wallace

Honorable Mention:

Jordan Montgomery

Computer Science

1: Patrick Aupperle

2: Benjamin Sham

3: Shahed Nielsen

Earth and Planetary Science

1: Leticia Nambo

2: Brittany Bradshaw

3: Gabrielle Aguillon

Energy and Transportation

1: Johnathan Dietzel

2: David Bengtson

3: Faith Perez

Engineering: Electricity & Mechanical

1: Ashley Chang

2: Jacob Correll

3: Monica Smith

4: David Barnard

Engineering: Materials & Bioengineering

1: Tori Lev

2: Zachry Mueller

3: Katherine Riley

Enrivonmental Management

1: Nishita Soneji

2: Kendra Hanslik

3: Kyle Barringer

Environmental Science

1: Sung Florence

2: Kinsey Stratmann

3: Charlsa Matson

4: Emily Sestak

Honorable Mention:

Chelsie Herman, Katie Aupperle


Honorable Mention: Andrea Winn

Medicine and Health Science

1: Heidi Shay

2: Cole Fimbrel

3: Trey Hempel


1: Breanna Takacs

2: Ashley Geistman

2: Alexandria Perez

3: Cole Wozniak

Physics and Astronomy

1: Albert Chen

2: Allison Williams

3: Laney Hempel

Plant Science

1: Johnathon Turner

2: Chase Bennett

3: Chris Chambless

4: LeAnne Corpus


Animal Science

1: Erica Barnett

2: Connor Correll

3: Hannah Sheehan

Behavioral and Social Science

1: Charles Traugott

2: Dohnovan Robello

Honorable Mention: Natalie Clark


1: Tyroneshia Lemon

2: Kylie Leach


1: Jared Oldfather

2: Allison Hamon

3: Taylor Loesch

Honorable Mention: Bobby Morris,

Gregory DeLosSantos,

Avery Fajkus

Middle School Earth Science

1: Brayden Murphy

2: Kristi Hempel

Energy and Transportation

1: Hannah Balentine

2: Austin Smolik

3: Shelby Hardt

Honorable Mention:

Catherine Irrobali

Engineering: Electrical & Mechanical

1: Jon Sparkman

2: Taylor McChesney

3: Collin Janecka

Engineering: Materials & Bioengineering

1: James Johnson

2: Shelby Swoboda

3: Chase Spicak

Environmental Management

1: Tyler Baker

2: Jasmine Yang

3: Ryan Norgard

Honorable Mention: Raylee Johnston

Environmental Science

1: Zachary Leigh

2: Michalla Marshall


1: Jake Smitherman

2: Kent Korenek

Honorable Mention: Alyssa Saldana

Medicine and Health Science

1: Kendyl Charbula

2: Lydia Bast

3: Samantha Townsend


1: Rachel Wood

1: Anne Wozniak

2: Reid Goodwine

3: Ross Braune

Honorable Mention: Kaylie Funk

Physics and Astronomy

1: Hunter Dollery

2: Abigail Wood

3: Lacey Owen

Plant Science

1: Mariah Marshall

2: Tessa Russell

3: Noah Rigdon

Honorable Mention: Gavin Espinoza




1: Josh Henry

2: Samuel Whitaker


1: Broderyck Caderon, Emma Darst, Kayden Gonzalez, Dhanyelle Hahn, Hudson Matthews, Malla-ki Melchor, Diana Rodriguez, Colby Schramek, Kaylee Steele and Trevor Yancey



1: Callie Voss

3: Reed Kallus

3: Marissa Clark


1: Issac Lu

1: Seth Davis

2: Van Valdez

3: Gavin Dunlap

Honorable Mention: Emily Quinn



1: Trey Olsen


1: Nicholas Blundell

2: Orlando DiLeo

3: De'Everett Ross


:1 Xavier Moore



1: Emily Hardcastle, Delaney Peterson

2: Maile Sciba

3: Michala Willborn

Honorable Mention: Grace Olson,

Branton Winkenwerder, Amy Davis


1: Natalie Hawes

1: Garrett Gregory

2: Breann Kloesel

3: Mason Johnson

4: Amber Ramono

Honorable Mention: Marco DiLeo


1: Grant Baker

2: Michela Short

2: Peyton Usoff

3: Kyle Korezynski

4: Landon Simpson

Honorable Mention: Michaela Driver & Alyssa Driver,

Taylor Mozisek, Hayden Ocker, Coltin Williams, Meredith Winkenwerder

Corrected April 5, 2011.

In the corner of a gym full of doodads and experiments, Jennifer Short and her daughter Michela Short beamed over fungus.

"Science is a passion for me," Michela said, standing near an experiment. Her project, the Fungus Among Us, used petri dishes loaded with decomposing particles to grow fungus. It won a first place ribbon at DeLeon Elementary and brought her second in the district for fifth grade. Her's was one of 475 projects on display Friday.

The VISD Science and Engineering Fair projects came from every school in the district and included Northside Baptist School and Bloomington schools. The Victoria school district requires all pre-advanced placement and advanced placement students to do a piece.

"It gives them a chance to be creative and to do something that they might not otherwise think about or do," said Eveylyn Sheeran, an East High School science teacher who coordinated the fair. The projects ranged from hamster mazes to a trash compactor to a homemade telescope.

Megan Depine, a 12-year-old Bloomington Middle School student, used lemons to create energy in two days.

"It's more sour, so it has more power," she said. She and her partner, Shailyn Hugg, inserted a penny and a nail into a lemon and took a voltage reading.

Michela's project showed how air quality differs in different environments.

"I think it was kind of gross," she said. "There was a huge fungus colony growing in all three of them."



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