Best Hamburger: Dairy Treet

Best Hamburger: Dairy Treet

For the second year in a row, the award for Best Hamburger goes to Dairy Treet, according to Advocate readers.

Mike Hathaway, the Victoria restaurant owner, attributes the honor to fresh meat.

"We grind our own," Hathaway said. "The flavor is great because the meat's not frozen."

The restaurant's most popular burger? The owner said it is the double meat, double cheese jumbo burger.

In addition to juicy burgers, Dairy Treet also offers renowned french fries, malts and milkshakes.

Most of the cooks have worked at the restaurant for 20 or more years a sign his staff knows what it's doing, Hathaway said.

Dairy Treet

3808 N. Laurent St.



First Runner Up

Jim's Big Burger

102 Glascow St.



Second Runner Up


3603 Houston Highway



Also has three other Victoria, and one Cuero, locations.