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Roux & Remoulade offers Cajun fare

By by jessica rodrigo/
May 4, 2011 at 12:04 a.m.

Chef Jeff Otto cooks up fresh Cajun eats on the corner of Salem Road and Navarro Street in his red food trailer,   Roux & Remoulade, where his motto is "Everybody needs a little R&R."

Before my little red car could even make it out of Victoria on my quest for rad eats passed through the windows of food trailers, I was drawn to the new, shiny red trailer that rests its wheels on the corner of Salem Road and Navarro Street.

I pulled up to the shiny, red trailer and was greeted immediately with a smile from Chef Jeff Otto.

The 31-year-old Victoria native and Del Mar College culinary graduate says he got the idea for his food trailer, Roux and Remoulade, from the chef-owned food trailers he saw in Austin.

"The idea came up before the genre was even picked," the chef quipped. "We were looking for what Victoria was missing and what people couldn't get in town - that and I happen to love Cajun food."

Don't let the size of his food trailer fool you though. It's a fully-equipped kitchen, just much more compact.

"It's a professional kitchen, just in a much smaller space," Otto added. It's complete with a full stove, deep fryers, cooler and freezer, and ample space to maneuver.

Equipped with all he needs to prepare meals, and 15 years of experience in the restaurant industry, he is able to serve his growing number of regular customers with his recipes.

"Everything that I put together in that kitchen ... I know the flavor profiles, the recipe," he explained of his personal creations. "It's the same idea from start to finish."

I had the crawfish and shrimp etouffee for lunch, solely because Otto said he had it for lunch, too.

It was full of flavor, and cooked to a perfect consistency. Each piece of crawfish and shrimp still plump, and the rice still fluffy hidden beneath the creamy mixture. It was served with a few slices of bread to sop up what your spoon left behind.

Right now, R&R offers popcorn shrimp, fried catfish and chicken baskets, served with fries and a house made remoulade sauce. He also offers Cajun favorites: etouffee and gumbo. They also have an appetizer of two boudin balls served with remoulade.

"My wife is trying to talk me into red beans and rice," he mentioned with a smirk that concealed possible things to come. "We'll be adding things in time."

Jessica Rodrigo is a page designer/copy editor for the Victoria Advocate. She has a full tank of gas and is looking for other food trailers or eateries to dish. Submit ideas to



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