• I have noticed already around town signs of

    what I consider animal abuse!

    On Water Street just before the tracks, there is a poor

    dog, on extremely short chain from a tree limb above that

    gives him only enough room to go into a cheaply build small

    lightweight doghouse, that has very very little shade.

    he is there constantly, no way to move about.

    Just behind that house are several poor doggies staked

    out into the yard with NO shade or shelter, on very short chains!!!

    This is sickening!!!

    Why do you people have them? so they will bark and make you feel safe?

    when they die you just get another one???

    There are a few groups in Victoria that do their best

    to save some of these poor dogs, but the laws are our town

    are so very weak, not much help~

    May 5, 2011 at 4:36 p.m.