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'High School Musical' cast, crew announced

May 13, 2011 at 12:13 a.m.

The cast and crew for Theatre Victoria's "High School Musical" have been announced.

The play will be performed on July 22-24 and July 28-30 at the Leo J. Welder Center for the Performing Arts.

The cliques and characters of East High School are:

The Jocks

Tad Cooley - Troy Bolton, captain of the basketball team

Stephen Bess - Chad Danforth,

Evan Cash - Zeke Baylor

Brandon Rivera - Jason

Matthew Bellanger, Ty Callis, Sharod Garcia, Preston Jameson, Daniel Marks - Basketball Team

The Thespians

Kate Klimist - Sharpay Evans, president of the Drama Club

Brett Hager - Ryan Evans, vice-president of the Drama Club

Joseph Kaminski - James

Samantha Wiles - Susan

Loria Rose - Cathy

Andrea DeLosSantos - Cyndra

Chase Bennett, Christopher Chambless, Cortland Hewitt, Abraham Mendoza, Jace Pfuhl, Sarah Reese, Samantha Wiles - Performance Art Kids

The Brainiacs

Taylor Shelly - Gabriella Montez

Heather Grosenbacher - Taylor McKessie, president of the Science Club

Mallorie Gabbert - Martha Cox

Megha Chandna - Kratnoff

Autumn French, Megan Gomez, Sierra Robles, Hannah Shelly, Sarah Valenzuela, Symone Williams, Nikki Zeitzmann - Brainiacs

The Skater Dudes

Christopher Chambless - Ripper

Chase Bennett - Mongo

Other Students

James Villarreal Jr. - Jack Scott, the Velvet Fog of East High

Macy Bearden - Kelsi Neilson

Annalicia Aguilar, Alyana Belcik, Shannon Brown, Makayla Evans, Alexandria Hamilton, Brianna Lipp, Savannah Mendoza, Julia Saenz - Wildcat Cheerleaders

Tori Chumchal, Melody Murphy, Carolyn Norris, Brianna Ralston, Dominic Schaefer, Shelby Steelman, Tera Stines - Students, Party Kids, Fans/Spectators

The Adults

Karla Craft - Ms. Darbus, drama teacher

Brett Jones - Coach Bolton, basketball coach, Troy's dad


Director-Scott Mohon

Music Director-Beverly Cheshire

Choreographer-Laura Stewart Klimist

Assistant Music Director-Mary K Rabbe

Assistant Choreographer-Brett Jones

Lighting Designers-George and Joyce Matthews

Sound Designer-Curtis Short

Costume Designer-Karen Locher

Stage Manager-Amanda Rocha

Assistant Stage Manager-Gwen Wooley

Assistant Stage Manager-Aaron Gohlke

Set Designers-Michael Teer and Paul Locher



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