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Chomp: Savoring the sweet side of Ramsey's

By by jessica rodrigo/
Nov. 2, 2011 at 6:02 a.m.

The blackened catfish was seasoned well and still moist in the center, but a little too well on the edges. It came with a baked potato with all the fix-ins on the side so diners can pile it on or leave it all off.

On a recent visit to Ramsey's with my date, I discovered the sweet side of their well-dressed menu. They have the kind of sweets you have to plan for, and maybe even consider taking a few Lamaze classes.

We both ordered entrees off the menu, but little did I know I needed to save a lot of room for what was in store.

I was torn between the Frito pie or the blackened catfish - I know, two completely different things - so I asked my server what she thought was better. She said she would go for the catfish, so I went for the catfish. It came with the option of French fries or baked potato and a trip to the salad bar.

The trip to the salad bar never ends well for me. I end up putting excess dressing on my greens and I nearly always end up being too full for the main course. This was the case, again.

The catfish came out just as it sounds, blackened - with seasoning, but not burnt. The filet was juicy in the center, just a touch over-cooked on the edges, but nonetheless cooked well. The potatoes were fresh and not a burnt side to be found. It came with all the fixin's on the side, including sour cream, butter, shredded cheese and real crumbled bacon.

I finished my plate, but my date saved half his steak and french fries, as he planned for dessert. Not knowing how big the cinnamon rolls were, he ordered us one and warned me that they were huge.

It sure was.

The cinnamon roll came out with warm butter poured all over it, pecans rolled right in - they also had ones with raisins for those who like raisins - and a light frosting. It was different from the traditional cinnamon roll and had more of a biscuit-like texture. We boxed up the other half and devoured it a few days later.

The holidays are just around the bend, so next time, we will have to try some pie.



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