• Do any of the readers of this article remember when we had a 'solid waste department'? They picked up the city taxpayer's garbage and unwanted items and when called, they picked up limbs and yard trash.
    During those days we had twice a week, unlimited trash pickup. If you could haul it to the curb, they would haul it away.

    Our city government decided this cost too much, so they bought stylish trash cart " to save money". We now have once a week, 90 gallon trash pick up ... and the lid had better be closed, or else.
    The limb and yard trash is picked up quarterly, if it is not too much.
    The city department that provides this 'service' is called the 'Environmental Services Department'.

    We have drastically reduced trash pick-up at a higher cost ... but ... we do have 'scavenger hunts' and 'eco-parties' organized by this taxpayer funded city department.

    Am I the only city taxpayer that asks the question ...IS THIS PROGRESS?

    If people want to have 'eco-parties' and 'great green races' then more power to them. I'm all in favor of people doing what they like to do. I just want to ask the question ... Why do city taxpayer have to pay for this?
    If the city has to cut trash pickup service because they can not afford it ... then how can they afford this 'eco-pary' nonsense?

    November 10, 2011 at 6:18 p.m.