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  • One doesn't actually need water to hunt ducks but it helps. Sometimes making a favorable place having natural food available and even grit for gizzards [such as sand] with a bit of available foliage for cover can be made to look like water if one is truly resourceful. Case in point, Texas drought of 1970s, a good buddy from South Texas took me on duck hunt over ''a pond that wasn't,'' made using clear plastic sheeting stretched out over the landscape, interspersed with blue and green plastics underneath to simulate depth 'n decoys on top. On a bright and sunny ''blue bird kind of day,'' the ploy made for excellent waterfowl shooting since fowl aloft couldn't tell if it was actually water or not until too late but on hazy, cloudy days, hunting was a bust

    November 18, 2011 at 2:09 p.m.