Going to the limit: Introduction to Part 3 of special series on autism

Travis' mother, Sheila Arnold, talks about her experience raising a child with autism. KATHLEEN DUNCAN/KDUNCAN@VICAD.COM

Travis Noack knows never to give up - at least that's what his mother has taught him all his life.

If at first he does not succeed, well, he just pushes himself right back up and tries again.

"You've got to believe in yourself," the 14-year-old always says.

Travis exhibits child-like charm and excels at math and science.

He's also autistic, yet remains mainstreamed alongside his peers.

This is all because of Travis' mother, a no-nonsense woman who refuses to let him see himself as different.

The third part of the "Missing Pieces" autism series investigates the education system through the life of Travis and his mother, who pushes him but also worries what's ahead for his teenage years.

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