Registering trailers can help recover them if they are stolen

Trailers under 4,000 pounds are not required by law to have a Vehicle Identification Number, but registration through the state motor vehicle database will help identify the trailer if it is stolen.

To register a trailer for a VIN number, it must be inspected by an auto theft law enforcement officer.

Goliad County now requires all trailers to register for a VIN number, a representative from the Goliad County Tax Office said.

A story in the Nov. 23 Advocate had confusing information.

Because the Department of Public Safety no longer has a car theft division, and Goliad County does not have a person certified to inspect the trailers before the registration process, the inspections are handled through the Victoria Police Department, said Det. Adam Rodriguez.

The Goliad County Extension Office is hosting a Tri-County CEU Day, an open educational meeting, Thursday morning in Beeville to address laws pertaining to trailers and cover topics such as brush control, hunting hogs out of a helicopter, laws and regulations concerning pesticides and planting lagoons in pastures.

"We have on the books about 1,200 registered farmers, so we're talking about everyone having a couple or three each," said Goliad County Extension Agent Brian Yanta. "Probably more than that. A lot of the bigger operators have 10 or 12 trailers."

The extension service attempts to educate people so they can run their farms both effectively and legally, Yanta said.