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25 percent of year's rain falls in one day

By Jennifer Lee Preyss
Oct. 9, 2011 at 5:09 a.m.

Rose Ball, left, and Betty Hayter, of Houston, retreat to cover heavy rainfall at Turkeyfest on Sunday  in Cuero.

Heavy showers blew through the Crossroads on Sunday, bringing about 25 percent of the year's total rainfall.

Corpus Christi National Weather Service Meteorologist Matt Grantham said rainfall accumulated at the Victoria airport totaled 2.54 inches Sunday. As of Friday, which also measured .39 inches of rain, Victoria had received only 9.07 inches of rain for the drought-plagued year.

From about 7 a.m. until 5 p.m., much-needed showers soaked the area.

"That's a substantial amount of rain when you get a quarter of the year's rainfall in one day," Grantham said.

Even with the heavy rains, which now totals 12 inches for 2011, Grantham said Victoria is 20.31 inches below the normal rainfall measurement for the year.

In addition to heavy rainfall, the system included thunder and lightning, which may have contributed to downing a tree on Johnny Rodriguez's Victoria home on Linda Street on Sunday morning.

"That was a rude awakening this morning," Rodriguez said, laughing. "We needed the rain, but I didn't need that on my house."

Rodriguez suspects lightning hit the tree, causing it to fall on his home, over his 12-year-old daughter Ashleigh Rodriguez's bedroom.

"She was scared and crying. She has a ceiling fan in her room, and the light cover blew off and landed on her bed," Rodriguez said. "I was scared, too. I honestly thought a car hit the house."

Rodriguez's home is insured, and he plans to contact his agent on Monday.

Grantham projects a 20 percent chance of rain Monday and Tuesday, with temperatures rising to the mid-90s as the week progresses.

Sunday's temperature high was 77 degrees, with a low of 66 degrees.

Because the system is classified as "weak," cooler weather will stay to the north and temperatures will rise toward the end of the week, Grantham said.



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