• What's in a name? While I agree that the names of Austin City Limits and Woodstock had little to do with the success or failure of those enterprises, "Bootfest" is not generic. It directs us to a specific genre, a Western motif, that may or may not be compelling to a wide audience commercially.

    If we called it Victoriafest or Friendship Days (we have a history as the Street of 10 Friends), there could be a greatly expanded opportunity to market and leverage to a wide audience.

    Bootmaking and Country and Western music, while popular, narrows the opportunities to appeal to a cosmopolitan audience. I support C&W music and the genre. However, does anyone who visits Victoria get the idea we are a C&W enclave?

    I wish Bootfest and everyone involved immense success. I would be delighted to have all my doubts proven wrong.


    October 19, 2011 at 11:36 a.m.