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Meet the Edna Color Guard

By KBell
Oct. 20, 2011 at 5:20 a.m.
Updated Oct. 21, 2011 at 5:21 a.m.

Captain Brittany Gonzales, junior, runs in the middle of a practice formation while Alex Andres, left, and Madison Grona, freshman, right, toss flags over where band members would be standing Wednesday, Oct. 19

Right before their hands smacked for a high-five, Brittany Gonzalez and Giselle Morales together yelled "teamwork."

"Teamwork" isn't just the name of this year's show by the Edna Cowboy Band. It's a mantra the band's color guard epitomizes, according to its captains.

"That's the point of the show. We created something because we've worked together since June," said Giselle, 16.

Over the summer, the guard "eats, sleeps and breathes" their show, said Brittany, the 13-member team's captain. For a lot of girls, learning to twirl a flag, march on beat with the band and even spin a rifle is new territory. To be successful, they dedicate several hours a week to the craft.

"All the girls in it have extreme passion for it," Brittany said.

From convincing each other to join the color guard, to teaching each other skills and encouraging good form on the field, the group of ladies with flags has used teamwork to create an entertaining "Teamwork" halftime show for Cowboy fans.

The girls are quick to praise the efforts of their teammates and seem to especially esteem their coach.

"You grow to be a family together," Giselle said. "We're just a bunch of sisters with Ms. Hinojosa as our mom."

Since Crystal Hinojosa joined as the director of the Cowboy color guard three years ago, the number of guard members has doubled and opened up to include more than just band members.

Hinojosa, who teaches at Mission Valley Elementary School, said the color guard surely works hard, but they have fun together, too.

"They're actually a bundle of joy. They make me laugh, they keep me young. We all have a good time," she said.



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