• Advocate,
    Who is this "elections administrator" that "submitted the list of people eligible to serve?"
    What were the qualifications to be, 'on this list?'

    I am sure glad that the hard work of raising everybody's taxes has been done ... before next week's planned 'retreat and conference.' Now the board can concentrate on important matters, such as what kind of bigger & better parking lot markers to build.

    Are the board of trustees:
    1. 'Trustees' for the taxpayers? They just raised everyones taxes.
    2. 'Trustees' for the students? They just raised tuition and forced even bigger student loans on the kids.
    or ....
    3. 'Trustees' for the tenured professors & employees of VC? They just gave one of the highest compensated groups in town a raise with taxpayer money.

    Each reader can judge who these people serve.

    October 26, 2011 at 5:12 a.m.