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House burns in Yoakum; dishwasher suspected cause

Sept. 5, 2011 at 4:05 a.m.

A window was broken out on the northwest end of K.T. Moore's home after a short in a dishwasher caused a Sunday afternoon fire.

YOAKUM - A short in a dishwasher might have caused a fire in the home of K.T. and Dorothy Moore at 512 E. Morris St. a short time after 3 p.m. Sunday.

Dorothy Moore, 83, was lying on the couch when she started to smell smoke.

"I first thought it may be coming from the washing machine because it has not worked in a couple of days," she said.

But then she saw sparks coming from under the dishwasher.

She woke up her husband, 85, who was napping, called 911, and left the house. They were not injured.

Neighbor Tracy Gomez said she heard glass breaking and then the fire department sirens and went outside to check on the Moores, who have lived in that house for 26 years.

About the same time, Police Officer Mike Martinez arrived. He made made sure the couple was out of the house and safe.

The Moores sat in lawn chairs in Gomez's driveway as firefighters put out the fire and cleaned up.

Fire Capt. Jeff Ruppert said smoke was coming from the northwest end of the home when they arrived.

Windows on that end of the house were broken out and soot and smoke marked the outside trim of the house.

He said smoke and fire damage made the house a total loss.

The couple's son, Lynn Moore, arrived from Victoria to care for his parents. He said they will live with him while they determine what to do with the damaged house.

"We will take care of them and figure this out the best we can," their son said.

They have insurance, he said.

Ten firefighters fought the fire, Ruppert said. He added they could not get help from other departments because of fires in Hallettsville and Cuero.

The department had a truck en route to Edna to help with a fire there when the Yoakum fire call came in. That truck was redirected to the house fire, he said.



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