• We have the same issue on Burning Tree (Bell Tower) with parents turning onto Santa Barbara. The left turn lane is full, sometimes all the way back to Stockbauer. The "impatients" run up next to the the cars waiting in turning lane and then turn in front of them. On the other side of the street you have parents backed up waiting to turn right on to Santa Barbara leaving no driving lane for through traffic. You would think adult drivers would use a little common sense.

    Common sense should be the obvious approach but I observed a Police officer who had a car stopped on Burning Tree, less then 2 car lengths off of Stockbauer. A car turing right off of Stockbauer almost rear ended the cruiser because you could not see it until you made the turn. I was turning left off of Stockbauer on to Burning Tree and had to wait for a car in the left turn lane to move up far enough that I could get around the cruiser. A little common sense dictates you move the stopped vehicle forward 3 or 4 car lengths (room to move 8 1o 10 lengths exists there) so the cruiser is not in danger of being rear ended. Fortunately this was not during a school zone time or there would have been major issues and probably mutiple cars involved with the cruiser being the cause. I am certain there is some law that gives police the "right" to stop where ever they want but again common sense would defuse a potentially unsafe situation.

    September 26, 2011 at 6:03 p.m.
  • I feel sorry for those who live in the neighborhood across from the school. After school, they become trapped due to parents who park in the neighborhood to pick up kids.

    September 26, 2011 at 8:04 a.m.