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Deeper meaning hidden in Easter eggs (video)

By ErinPradia
April 7, 2012 at 10:01 p.m.
Updated April 6, 2012 at 11:07 p.m.

Marilyn Wishert tells the story of Jesus' last week on Earth to a group of about 15 children on Saturday at Miori Lane Baptist Church. Wishert used Easter eggs the kids had found to help engage them in the narrative.

Beautiful weather provided the perfect backdrop for the Easter egg hunt at Miori Lane Baptist Church on Saturday.

Eight children gathered in the fellowship hall with their parents equipped to collect plastic candy-filled eggs in a variety of Easter baskets - ranging from grocery bags and traditional woven baskets to 3-year-old Kaleb Camancho's camouflage basket, or Madison Camancho, 6, with her fuzzy bunny rabbit basket.

Then children ages 2 to 8 let out excited shouts as they discovered the eggs hidden among the blue, purple, yellow and pink wild flowers dotting the church lawn and playground.

"I found one," exclaimed Jordan Cantu, 6.

"Here's a purple one," Hailee Camancho, 5, said as she discovered another egg hidden in the grass.

After hunting for eggs - and catching their breath over a cup of lemonade - the children gathered inside to hear a special rendition of the Easter Story.

Each of the children's baskets were heaped full of pastel colored eggs.

In addition to the candy filled eggs, 12 specially marked eggs contained small figures that represented parts of the Easter story.

Pastor Mike Garrett led the children in a prayer before they began their egg hunt, asking that God would help the children come to a better understanding of God and the Bible.

"The story I am about to tell you is about Jesus and his last week on earth," said Marilyn Wishert, who helps with the youth ministry at Miori Lane Baptist Church.

Wishert walked the children through the highlights of the final week before Jesus was crucified.

She told the children about how Jesus came to Jerusalem the week before he was crucified and how he was betrayed by a friend.

Several of the eggs contained symbols reminding the children of the brutal way in which Jesus died.

Much to the children's surprise, the final "special" egg was empty - symbolizing Jesus leaving an empty tomb.

"Why did Jesus come and die?" she asked the children in conclusion.

"Because he wanted us to have a better life," answered 5-year-old Matthew Williams.

"And why do we celebrate Easter?" the pastor's wife Lydia Garrett asked. "Is it for the eggs?"

"No. The bunnies," Matthew answered.

After a little more discussion the children understood the meaning behind Easter.

"We are celebrating when Jesus rose," Madison said.



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